Very important information

In people who take too high of a dose Lamictal and children, this drug may cause r life-threatening or severe oskin rash.
Also the patient may have a serious skin rash if you are taking Lamictal together with divalproex (Depakote) or valproic acid (Depakene).

If you want to take Lamictal, consult with doctor, especially  if you have allergic reaction to other seizure drugs, if you have a history of suicidal thoughts or depression, if you have liver or kidney  disease.
The  patient may hasve thoughts about suicide while taking Lamictal. When you visit your doctor tell him about worsening or new symptoms, such as:  depression, behavior or mood changes.

Lamictal with other drugs

Tell your pharmacist about all other drugs you use, especially:

• hormonal forms of birth control injections(pills, skin patches or implants);

• Tegretol, Equetro, Carbatrol (carbamazepine);

• Depakote (divalproex);

• Trileptal (oxcarbazepine);

• Solfoton (phenobarbital);

• Mysoline (primidone );

• Dilantin (phenytoin);

• Rimactane,Rifadin, Rifamate, Rifater (rifampin); or

• Stavzor, Depakene (valproic acid).

The serious side effects of Lamictal

Call your health care or provider  at once if you have the next serious side effects:

• skin rash;

• swollen glands, fever flu symptoms, neck stiffness,  body aches,headache, increased sensitivity to light;

• easy bleeding or bruising , muscle weakness numbness, severe tingling,pain ;

• loss of appetite,dark urine, upper stomach pain,  jaundice ;

• feeling short of breath, irregular heart rhythm,chest pain ;

•  nausea,  swelling, vomiting,confusion, urinating less than usual or not at all, rapid weight gain;

•  feeling light-headed or short of breath, pale skin, trouble concentrating, rapid heart rate ; or

• worsening of your bipolar disorder or increased seizures .

Before taking

Don’t use Lamictal if you has allergia to lamotrigine.  If you want to take Lamictal, consult your doctor  or provider if you have any of the next conditions:

• liver or kidney  disease;

• suicidal actions or thoughts,  a history of depression; or

• a history to allergia to other seizure drugs.

Report your doctor if you have  worsening or new suicidal thoughts or depression whenever your dose is changed or during the 1st several months of treatment. You may have thoughts aboutsuicidal actions while taking Lamictal.