I have been taking this drug for the last one years, Lamictal amazing! Thanks doctor, my  life changing with this drug. My doctor said that Lamictal may have side effects:

  •     fever,  body aches,headache, neck stiffness, increased sensitivity to light, flu symptoms, glands;
  •    skin rash;
  •     bleeding or   easy bruising,  pain, numbness, severe tingling,muscle weakness;
  •     loss of appetite, upper stomach pain, jaundice (yellowing of the skin or eyes);
  •     feeling short of breath, chest pain,  dark urine,irregular heart rhythm,;
  •     confusion, nausea …… and many other :

But I had one very little side effects:  weight gain.
But this side effects is not so serious. I want to recommend you read interesting infomation about other drugs.

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